About Us

Welcome to QualPros.com!

Flexible support for aspiring professionals by qualified professionals.

Flexible support

QualPros provides flexible tuition support in the form of:

  • live webinars

  • pre-recorded videocasts

  • private tuition by subject matter experts

Our aim is to support aspiring professionals looking to develop their expertise in accountancy, finance, law and other subjects. 

Intelligent platform

Qualpros fully automates the process of accessing high quality tuition support enabling seamless exchange of expertise. 

Feel free to browse through our list of courses and class offerings.  Alternatively, find the right tutor for you on the tutor page and contact them directly through our instant messenger. 

To ask the community for support, go to the Q&A section, to keep up to date with the latest articles written by experts on topics such as accountancy, finance, investment and new technologies on our expert's blog.