The TOEFL exam is divided into four sections: reading, writing, listening and speaking.

Available Courses

Listening TOEFL

In the listening section you are tested on your ability to understand native speaking conversation. This part culminates in a 60 minute exam.

Reading TOEFL

In the reading comprehension part of the exam, you will read 3-5 passages and answer 12-14 questions about each passage. The section is scored based on the number of correct responses given.

Speaking TOEFL

this exam tests your fluency in spoken English. There are a total of 6 questions and the exam lasts a total of 20 minutes. 

Writing TOEFL

In this section of the exam, you will be required to write a 50 minute essay, which should effectively address a topic. The response should be well-organized and well-developed using relevant explanations and detailed support.